Forni Arcuri

The art of iron born from fire (fire is our strength)
The company Forni Arcuri s.n.c. was founded in 1974 by a great passion and thanks to the perseverance and commitment of our family has grown over the years becoming a company specialized in the production of wood-burning ovens and fireplaces at international level. We have invested in quality, experience and innovation, in order to perfect our products to make them excellent and at the forefront of the industry.Our work experience, professionalism acquired over time and development to keep up with the ever-evolving technology, have led us to a continuous expansion of our customers.

Our goal is to progress. We want, however, to keep alive the value of tradition ensuring our customers the possibility to cook food preserving all its best features in a heated and comfortable environment. All Arcuri ovens are entirely produced in our headquarters in San Biagio Platani (AG), with storage in Calcinaia (PI).

Thanks to the direct production of the products in our factories as well as offering a wide range of models we meet the different needs of customers by making the products customizable with the collaboration of a specialized staff.

The choice of materials, the functionality of the products and years of experience in the field allow our ovens to be more and more known, appreciated and requested everywhere. The perfect management of the company allows to offer to our customers the certainty to be followed by a responsible and professional company. The oven guarantees the cooking of the classic wood-fired oven of the past, improved, however, in some aspects.

The ovens are composed of two chambers:

  • One for cooking food with refractory brick top
  • One for the combustion of wood

You have therefore an indirect cooking and hygienic since there is no contact between the food and the embers. It is ideal for any food: bread, pizzas (on tile or pan), meat, fish, desserts, etc.. Our oven is all handmade with high quality materials.

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