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What is a double chamber wood fired oven?
Arcuri ovens are composed of two chambers:

  • Upper chamber for cooking food with refractory brick top.
  • Lower chamber for the combustion of wood with ash collection drawer.

The cooking surface is heated by the fire below, while the side walls and the top of the oven (upper part) are heated by the rope that is forced to lap the above mentioned parts of the oven before coming out.

In this way there is an indirect and hygienic cultivation due to the fact that the food cooks in a different chamber from where the wood combustion takes place. Moreover we define the oven extremely ecological because after a few minutes from the ignition the emission of fumes is reduced almost to zero. Arcuri ovens are patented with "Patent of Industrial Invention" issued by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Handicraft.


  • Shovel
  • Clamp
  • Shelf for pans Pans
  • Grill for roasts (this last accessory is a grill that can be used when the wood becomes embers, inserting it in special rails placed in the combustion chamber and cooking like a barbequie)
  • At the request of the customer can be mounted n.4 wheels.


  • The ovens are equipped with internal light and temometer for temperature control.

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